NIKE Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe Review

Running shoes are used as sports gear by runners so that they can speed up and ensure safety and balance of their steps. A good quality running shoe for women offers some benefits that are good for health as well as for legs and feet. Before assessing a women’s running shoe, let’s check first the standard benefits offered by a pair of quality running shoe for women, which you will prefer to buy.

  • It should offer a cushioning effect
  • It should have solid grip on the ground
  • It must be protective enough
  • A running shoe must have adjusting strides, which is an added advantage of the runner

Knowing about the running shoe standard benefits can help you in making informed choices, or it may give you an open excuse to go for a good running shoe shopping: Why don’t you take a look at NIKE Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe?

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NIKE Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe Review

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NIKE Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe

Nike is worldwide known as one of the best brands for sports shoe and running shoes for women is one of the most sought categories of modern smart women regardless they are professional athletes or an armature health freaks. A pair of NIKE women’s revolution 3 running shoe lookssmart;they are light in weight but offers solid grip for the runner no matter if she is enjoying jogging or running on professional track.

NIKE Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe is a definitely smart choice for sports accessories but before you purchase your running shoe you should close view the running shoe for your best satisfaction.

Let’s take a look at the main features of NIKE Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe, which justifies the viability of its purchase as a quality running shoe regardless it is for an amateur runner or for a professional athlete.


  • It is made of synthetic material so it is wash proof and you can use it in the midst of rain
  • It is imported and it adheres to international running shoe quality parameters
  • It is built with quality rubber sole
  • The running shoe is made of mesh so that the user can enjoy best breathability so that long wearing of the shoe will not bother the skin inside the shoe
  • The interior of the shoe is built with soft foam that adds comfortable cushioning but never has it allowed losing the foothold
  • The running shoe offers excellent traction due to its rubber outsole protection
  • The design of the toe tip offers best and enduring support and balancing structure
  • The shoe has a feature with horizontal bellows: they are cut into the foam for additional response.


  • Light weight and wash friendly
  • Smart look with solid grip
  • Made with breathable mesh
  • Brand assurance of Nike
  • Comfortable for users


  • Expensive
  • Size may vary depending on the size chart
  • Made of synthetics mesh: sensitive skin people may face skin issue

Feature summary

NIKE Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe is a handy and easy to maintain sports shoe from world famous brand Nike. Besides brand superiority, the running shoe looks extremely smart but feminine.

It is available in wide variety of colors and besides being used by runners and athletes, this running shoe can be used for people having trouble in walking because of its traction control feature, cushioning effect, and  enduring protection for  good quality and durable rubber outsole. The design of this Nike product is trendy enough.

It is made of synthetic mesh and that makes the shoe a beautiful specimen of ladies sports shoe with extra support of breathability.

The shoe is light in weight but it comes with solid grip on ground and that makes the running shoe completely user friendly.  It is wash-friendly and you can use it round the year. Due to its solid grip, users have claimed that the sports shoe can be used for training and hiking.

The sporty women who love to enjoy outdoor adventure with best possible safety for her feet will find this NIKE Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe perfect items for her purchase and enjoyment of running as a dynamic and strenuous work-out plan.NIKE Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe is a versatile sports shoe and it is available under wide variety that suits the users pocket size as well as taste for wearing a sneaker.

Product comparison

How a running shoe is good for purchase or not can be best understood if the product is being compared with 2-3 other female sports shoes.

This is applicable for NIKE Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe because before purchasing users may want to know its advantages. Let’s compare the sports shoe with two similar items like Nike Women’s Tanjun Shoe Running Shoe and Nike Women’s Downshifter 7 model.

All these three running shoe models are manufactured by Nike abut out of these three models NIKE Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe looks smart and they can be used by other women who are not in sports. Three verities offer cushioning effect but the NIKE Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe foam offers best comfort   according to users.

Three of the Nike shoes are built with rubber sole but the revolution model comes with better grip for runners. This model is available in a wide variety of price and that makes it perfectly affordable for users with different budget range.


NIKE women’s revolution 3 running shoe is a perfect choice for you if you love to run for your health and fitness.  This running shoe is available under different colors and prices, but for online purchase idea of the suitable size should be understood to get the right pair of shoe in your hand. The running shoe looks smart and as it is wash friendly it never allows grime or dust to sit on the mesh on its front side.

A wide variety of colors are available in this running shoe range, and all these Nike products come under solid warranty if any manufacturing defects come up. As a whole,NIKE women’s revolution 3 running shoe is a worthy purchase.

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NIKE Women’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe Review

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