icyZone Activewear Running Workouts Clothes Yoga Racerback Tank Tops for Women Review

With a yoga session at 8 in the morning, brunch with your friends at 10, then classes at noon, there isn’t much time to change outfits. It also isn’t ideal to be lugging around too many clothes with you throughout the day.

Here lies the dilemma of integrating an active lifestyle with the rest of your daily routine. Though, lately, one fashion trend has risen to accommodate a growing interest in fitness and exercise.

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icyZone Activewear Running Workouts Clothes Yoga Racerback Tank Tops for Women Review

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Athleisure, or the trend of wearing your gym clothes post-workout—at brunch, school or even to work—is something that’s been around for a while now.

Yoga pants and gym tanks are common sightings outside of the gym these days, and outside of allowing one to jump from gym to work, it also makes a lot of sense in terms of comfort – athletic wear is super comfy!

The fabrics that are used to make activewear are chosen purposely for their breathability and lightness. Now imagine running errands and heading to school in a shirt that’s light and airy!

If you want to get in on the athleisure trend, there are a ton of options available for you. Gone are the days of unfashionable and unflattering activewear. Swimming with the tide of fashion-forward activewear is icyZone, a brand that believes in integrating a healthy lifestyle into the everyday.

icyZone’s items can be worn inside and outside of the gym, as the fabric and make of the pieces fit all of the requirements of activewear while maintaining a stylish look that can easily blend well with other, more casual and contemporary pieces in your closet.

One of icyZone’s most popular pieces is the Yoga Racerback Tank Top, which women love to use for all sorts of activities. It’s a good blend of active and casual, while also sporting some other key features that might excite you.


The racerback tank is 95% polyester and 5% spandex, meaning the fabric is also lightweight and stretchy. As with most activewear, it’s got moisture wicking ability that keeps wearers dry and cool despite working up a sweat.

The tank is cut in a racerback style, which many girls find sexy and flattering, while the front’s banded crew neckline is stretchy and free of tags, making it comfy even with a lot of movement.

This particular style comes in a 3 color combo pack, giving you a good set of color options to go with all types of bottoms. icyZone also has an array of gym shorts that pair well with the tank tops, if coordinating your outfits is your thing! The tank tops are machine washable as well, providing comfort from usage to laundry time.


  • The lightweight and stretchy fabric, composed of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, makes it a shoe-in for comfort and breathability.
  • The top’s moisture-wicking power is another essential trait that makes the item such a list-topper. By wicking away moisture, tank tops such as these prevent chafing and rashing, which are highly irritating to the skin! They cause redness as well, which is quite unsightly.
  • An interesting feature is a tagless neckline, which may not seem like much until you do get to experience a shirt with a pesky and itchy tag.
  • Color options are important, especially for girls who like to look their best while working out AND look their best after the workout.


  • Unlike some tank tops in the activewear department, these do not have built-in bras. This means that you will have to wear a sports bra underneath the tank. Though this is an additional purchase, it may be better to have your own sports bras instead of relying on your tank tops, as you can use these paired with other items as well.
  • The cut of the tank top rests on the hips, or for wider hips, stretches around it. If you are not the type that likes to have their shirts tight around the waist and hips, perhaps a flared design would be better for you.


icyZone’s tank tops strike a good balance between casual and sporty, offering comfort, breathability, style, and colors.

There are some minor details that may not be desirable for some women, like the lack of a built-in bra and a cut that is not flowy around the hips, but overall, these tank tops are a good addition to a wardrobe of athleisure clothing.


JC Distro has a women’s jersey racerback that is similar to icyZone’s, but it comes with a scallop bottom. For women who are bottom-heavy and wider at the hips, perhaps the scallop bottom cut is more comfortable. However, as it does not sit tightly on the hips, this cut tends to slide up and reveal the tummy during yoga.

JC Distro’s jerseys are also 100% cotton and do not promise moisture control, unlike icyZone’s, which offers up a fabric that is capable of wicking away moisture and keeping sweat off your body.

Ultimately, icyZone’s tank tops seem to be more suited as activewear than JC Distro’s, while still providing the style and comfort needed to be used as casual clothing.


The athleisure wave is more than a trend; it’s a lifestyle that integrates health and wellness into your daily routine. As our work lives become increasingly fast-paced, it’s essential that other aspects of our lives catch up and follow suit.

With a packed schedule comes stress and fatigue, and not having the right mindset with health can quickly lead to illness. This is why it’s vital to integrate healthy practices into your life as much as you can. And for the fashion-forward girl, athleisure is a great way to have it all.

As noted above, icyZone is a brand that is able to strike a balance between athletic and casual that perfectly fits the “athleisure” moniker.

If you’re the type of person who wants to easily go from one activity to the other without having to lug around extra baggage, or go through the (oftentimes annoying) motions of undressing and redressing for certain settings, icyZone offers a top that can be worn pretty much wherever you go.

Simply throw a blazer onto your tank and head to school, then pack up that cover-up when you’re ready to sweat it out at the gym.

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icyZone Activewear Running Workouts Clothes Yoga Racerback Tank Tops for Women Review

Signature Running Program for Moms!

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