Opna Women’s Short Sleeve Moisture Wicking Athletic Shirts Review

A good workout depends on many different factors. Though it may not seem like an area of utmost importance, clothing really does your performance. After all, you are at your best when you are at your most comfortable.

Being at your most comfortable in your workout clothes means quite a few things: being able to focus all your mental energy on the workout itself, being confident enough to push yourself further and further, and having less physical restrictions throughout the routine.

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A good athletic shirt is comfortable enough to let you do all of those things, and Opna’s women’s short-sleeved moisture wicking athletic shirts tick off all those boxes, and then some.


The Opna athletic shirt is 100% composed of polyester. It’s machine washable and comes pre-shrunk, leaving you anxiety-free on laundry day. No more worrying about your clothes shrinking in the wash. The fabric is breathable and lightweight, as is compulsory for athletic shirts.

The fabric has moisture wicking ability, in a feature called “posi charge technology,” which ensures that sweat stays off you throughout your workout – this is meant to minimize chafing and rashing caused by sweat buildup.

When it comes to fit, the shirt is loose enough while still offering a slim, feminine fit and a V-neck collar, allowing you to serve looks even as you sweat it out at the gym. The shirt comes in sizes XS to 4XL, meaning it fits just about everyone. It is a shirt that is inclusive, comfortable, and healthy for every girl out there.


  • Lightweight and breathable fabric – With fabric that is both light and breathable, workouts literally feel easier and breezier. This makes the shirt apt for outdoor workouts in warm weather, as well as for intense, sweaty sessions at the gym.
  • Wicks away moisture – A shirt that can wick away moisture means that it keeps the sweat off your body. This is wonderful in preventing rashes and chafing, which can be incredibly uncomfortable!
  • Loose yet feminine fit – The shirt does not hug the body too tight, yet it still comes in a cut that is distinctly feminine. This is good for women who do not prefer body-hugging garments, as these tend to show sweat more easily. This is also good for women who are rather self-conscious about their body and image.
  • Size options – Opna offers many sizes to choose from – extra small at its smallest and quadruple XL at its largest! This wide range of sizing options also allows self-conscious women to choose sizes that are best suited to their body type. Options are definitely not limited.
  • No print – The plain solid colors make the shirt easy to match with just about any bottom in your closet.
  • Variety of colors – The shirts come in a variety of colors, from neutral black, white, and grey, to bolder choices like pink orchid and tropical blue. This gives you more options and more ways to show off your personality.
  • Polyester fabric does not require much ironing, meaning that’s less time spent getting dressed and more time spent focusing on the day ahead!


  • Because the fabric is lightweight and breathable, the shirt is rather thin. This is not something you wear on a cold or windy day, as it will not provide much protection from low temperatures.
  • Since the shirt does not hug the body, the looseness may cause a few revealing slips during activities like yoga and pilates where one has to bend in certain ways.
  • Polyester fabrics can have a bit of shine to them, and if that’s not your thing then maybe you won’t enjoy the look of the shirt too much on you.


As with most athletic shirts out there, Opna’s athletic shirts come in light, airy fabrics that wick away moisture and allow for a comfy and dry workout. The standout feature of these shirts is their non-body hugging fit, which may be a plus for some girls.

Options, options, options – those are the best things Opna’s athletic shirts can offer. They come in so many sizes and colors that it seems like there is an Opna shirt for just about every girl out there. This is wonderful, as it gives every girl the opportunity to workout, whether it’s to get fit and healthy, tone their body, bulk up, or maintain their beautiful and shapely curves.


In comparison to the Hanes Sports Women’s Cool DRI Performance V-Neck Tee, the Opna shirts come in a looser fit and offer more size options, as well as color options. The biggest advantage of the Hanes shirts is the UV protection, which is a good benefit to have when you’re working out outside of the gym. However, for indoor activities, the Opna shirt is just right.

Comparing the shirts in terms of providing a lot more options, the same goes for Ropalia’s quick-drying t-shirts. They offer quick dry ability, come in lightweight and stretchy fabric, and offer a lot when it comes to mobility, but the size and color options are quite limited, in comparison with the Opna shirts.


For women who prefer to have many options for size, color, and even looseness, Opna’s athletic short-sleeved shirts are a good choice. They offer breathability, keep moisture at bay, and let women feel comfortable looks-wise and in terms of allowing movement.

Many athletic t-shirt brands out there will offer you the basic features such as breathability, comfort, and the ability to wick away moisture, but when it comes serving options for different kinds of women, the Opna shirts stand out. It is this standout feature that makes it a good choice, not just for athletic-wear but also for everyday activities as well.

Outside of the gym, these shirts are good for usage at home, casual activities like going to the mall, running errands, and the like. It makes for a good all-around t-shirt, making the purchase one that is economical and practical as well.

A good athletic brand is one that can champion diversity – this means it lets all women, from the smallest to the curviest of girls—to enjoy a good workout (or pretty much any activity, for that matter) comfortably. With this line of short-sleeved athletic shirts, Opna does just that.

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